Solar Store
We're going green and you should too!

Did you know Dyson Building Center is the first business in St. Mary's County to be 100% Solar Powered? That's right 100%! A total of 273 panels line our main building's roof and power our entire store.

The solar roof was an almost year long project from start to finish. We completely switched over to solar power on April 15, 2015. Currently our store needs 38,000 kilowatts of power to operate but our roof produces 81,000 kilowatts at peak efficiency. Since we are overproducing by such a large amount, the extra power is sent back into the grid for others in the community to use. It also give us room for expansion. If we ever add any new addition to the store that requires electricity we can tie it into the roof with ease to keep us running at 100%.

Dyson Building Center also switched all interior fluorescent lighting to more energy efficient lighting, in direct support of the emPower Maryland Program’s goal to reduce the state’s energy consumption by 15 percent by 2015. Additionally, motion sensing lighting went into the smaller offices to automatically shut off if no motion (no people) are in the rooms.

Photos of the finished roof:

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